Maiden Lane

Skyler Contracting were appointed to undertake the removal of the existing roof coverings, roof-lights and all associated items for the client; Camden Council.

The re-roofing to all areas spanned almost 4,000 sqm and required extremely close management to each element as the units were tenant occupied.

The roofing works comprised of stripping the existing roof, mechanically scabbling the surface, then installing the bituminous system including insulation.

Skyler delivered the project on budget and within the time frame given.

Systems Used:

  • Bituminous Cap Sheet
  • Bituminous Underlay
  • Bituminous Vapour Barrier
  • Fall Arrest System
  • Rooflights
  • Tapered PIR Insulation


Camden Council
Company Number: 08686732 | Registered in England & Wales