Our Services

  • BBA Accredited Liquid Applied Systems
  • BBA Accredited High Performance Felt Systems
  • BBA Accredited Single Ply Systems
  • BBA Accredited Hot Melt Structural Waterproofing
  • Green, Brown & Blue Roofing Systems
  • Lead, Copper & Zinc Roofing Systems
  • Associated Cladding
  • Roof Lights
  • Tapered Insulation Design
  • Condition Reports
  • Core Samples With Analysis
  • Detailed Bespoke Manufacturers Specification
  • Manufacturers Programmed Site Inspections
  • Manufacturers Warranty
  • Full Insurance Backed Warranties
  • CAD Drawings
  • Budget Tailored System Selection
  • Thermal Calculations
  • Thermographic Surveys
  • Visual & Intrusive Asbestos Surveys
  • Asbestos Encapsulation
  • Metal Profile Sheet & Gutter Waterproofing
  • Photovoltaic Systems (PV)
  • Fall Arrest Systems
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  • Liquid

    Liquid Waterproofing

    Cold applied liquid waterproofing systems have become inherently important over the last 30 years. The products deliver; fast, totally heat free elastomeric membranes. These systems offer up to 25 year warranties and are fully reinforced throughout. Typically, the systems are applied over existing Asphalt, Felt, Metal Profile, Asbestos and previously coated roof areas.

  • Bituminous

    Bituminous Systems

    Bituminous systems are the oldest membranes historically. With varying options for single layer to full built up systems incorporating insulation; high performance bituminous systems remain ever popular. With such a variety in terms of build up and warranty schemes, it offers clients vast options in terms of cost engineering.

  • Single

    Single Ply

    Single-Ply roofing systems have proved both popular and economical since their inception into the UK some 40 years ago. In general, the two main product compositions for this system are; TPO (Thermo Plastic Olefin) and PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride). The key system benefits are: Economical, rapid flame free installation, extremely lightweight and versatile when interfacing with new and existing details.

  • Hot

    Hot Melt

    Hot Melt Structural Waterproofing is a robust, self-healing bituminous membrane. Commonly used in new build flat roofing applications and covered by a multitude of finishes in an inverted build up.

    These finishes include: Paving, Ballast, Decking, Green, Brown and Blue Roofs.

  • Green

    Green Roof

    A Green Roof is essentially a living roof, that provides natural habitat within the footprint of the building. It aids with water absorption, insulation and provides aesthetics for a finished roof area. The two types of Green Roofs are; Intensive, whereby the system is thicker and therefore able to support more of a variety of living medium. And Extensive, which are shallower in build-up and require less maintenance.

  • Brown

    Brown Roof

    Brown Roofs are designed to create a natural effect for the roof area which would otherwise be lost to the new development. Designed to limit the amount of access, the aim is to provide an uninterrupted habitat for a variety of plants and animals.

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