System Type: Liquid Waterproofing

Dockley Road, Bermondsey

This scheme in the heart of Bermondsey offered accommodation and retail units.

The roofing and waterproofing comprised of over 4,000sqm of hot melt including complex paving finishes. This was the main part of the project for Skyler.

Separate systems used on the project for various areas throughout the scheme were: the 500sqm of three layer felt system with PIR Insulation and green roof.

Coronation Square, Leyton

This multi phased new build scheme in East London stretched over 6,000 sqm of roofing and waterproofing including the finishes.

The systems provided by Skyler were Hot Melt Waterproofing, three layer felt with insulation, Blue, Green & Brown Roofs, mansafe systems, Cold Applied Waterproofing, Metal sheet roofing, Aluminium Decking and Paving.

London South Bank University

The university was in desperate need to replace the existing roofing system, which was an antiquated system, not fit for purpose and lacking the thermal efficiency required.

Skyler were tasked with removing over 4,500 sqm of existing roof system and providing the adequate temporary waterproofing whilst our full works were installed. Hot Melt Waterproofing and XPS to the vast majority of the area combined with a bespoke Blue Roof Attenuation system aiding the drainage run off.

There were also approx 900 sqm of Three Layer Felt systems with PIR Insulation.

A ballast and paving completed the finishes.

West Hampstead Square

Skyler were principal contractor for these six residential blocks in West London.

The requirement was to renewal the waterproofing system to all roof areas and reinstate the existing finishes.

Logistics were extremely challenging as the development sat between two of London’s main train lines. Careful planning and execution of the works were completed without any incidents.

St Pancras Way

The project at 104/106 St Pancras Way proved challenging for a number of reasons. Firstly, the roof had leaked for a number of years as numerous detailing elements to the roof had broken down with time.

Skyler identified the causes for water ingress and promptly commenced.

Skyler’s proposal for a seamless waterproofing system was key in providing a complete solution for these historical problems.

The central gutter areas were completely re-lined and fully waterproofed along with a number of complex penetrations and closer details. These were addressed, including the full waterproofing to the entire field area of the roof.

Diligently working throughout, Skyler maintained water tightness for the building throughout the programme.

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